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Tiger Energy Project – our Partner

We work with specialized partners to be well positioned in all areas and details. This includes manufacturer of components, supply industry in the renewable energy sector, installation companies, service and maintenance providers. We work very closely with L&S Service Solutions GmbH ( ), which specifically cover the service and maintenance area, including spare parts.

Lean & Smart Service Solutions – secure the future of your wind energy projects after 20 years of operation with our Lean & Smart Service Solutions – based on many years of experience.

TESVOLT specializes in battery storage for commercial enterprises. They produce electricity storage with the most modern battery cells. TESVOLT storage systems operate with low voltage as well as high voltage and can be connected to all energy producers: sun, wind, water and cogeneration – on-grid as well as off-grid.

Next2Sun The main idea behind the Next2Sun – plant system is the vertical installation of specific solar modules which are able to utilize light from both sides (“bifacial” modules). The two sides of the modules are facing East and West, leading to peak in energy generation during mid-morning and in the evening. The areas between the rows of modules can still be used for agriculture and the resulting flower strips below the module rows provide space for endangered insects and many bird species.

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